Three fundamental benefits of early stage brand building

Ashutosh Wakankar January 29, 2017

When it comes to brand building, there are three distinct benefits that help put the organisation’s processes in order and lay the foundation for you to build a powerful brand. The order these benefits bring into play will help you recognise the role of your organisation and sustain it through your marketing.

These three dimensions serve as two-sided mirrors, delivering benefits both, inside the organisation, as well as on the demand side of the organisation’s work.


1. Clarity
A good brand simplifies choice. It clarifies for customers the reason and the occasion it is best suited for. Without brands, people would freeze with the dozens of options to choose from.

For the client organisation, clarity on brand simplifies decision making and saves time and resources from being wasted on ideas that may not move them towards uniqueness.

Both you and your consumer should be clear on what the brand does.

2. Confidence
The bedrock of any brand is the trust it inspires in its customers. In any category, whether it is a candy I put in my mouth, or a computer that I use for net banking, a brand is a source of assurance that it is safe to use.

For a client, a good brand strategy helps put your weight behind the choices you are making and take bold actions.

3. Charisma
Finally, the singular expectation from a ‘branding’ event is a compelling attraction that defies logic. Your charisma radiates and rubs off on the consumer. At its best, a brand is a source of inspiration for its users