What we are looking for

We are an extremely close-knit team that focuses on doing better, not more. At Cracker & Rush we have created a workplace that responds to the individual, and celebrates their smallest idiosyncrasy. We are looking for problem owners and problem solvers. You will experience the ownership and freedom to devise your own solutions. Here you will own deadlines – not rent them. We are looking for perpetual learners. You will be given time and inspiration to grow. We are looking for lovers of life. We believe you can have fun while pursuing excellence. We call this Joyful Brilliance.


We are not looking for graphic designers but DESIGN THINKERS. We are not looking for experienced designers but perpetual learners with experience. Someone who DESIGNS FOR USE across mediums and treats every project with the urgency and enthusiasm of the first. Somebody who does not have 100 projects under her belt but who can sit persistently for 100 days on 1 project till it’s cracked to perfection.
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We are looking for someone who is curious enough to listen, observe, and interpret. Someone who can read not just lines of written words, but is interested in understanding what’s between the lines and beyond them. If you are unique enough to explore the uniqueness of organisations,
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