32 watts

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Packaging | Visual Extensions

32 watts is a home-grown brand that offers clear aligners as a product for dental correction.

The aligner market is relatively new in India. However, it has witnessed rapid growth in recent years. This made it crucial for our client to enter the market with a clear strategic identity complemented by a distinct design language.

Positioned as a brand for youngsters, 32 Watts is an accessible expert that injects fun into dental correction. It offers a charming take on a category that is otherwise seen as too clinical, intimidating and scientific. The name of the brand, evocative of a beaming smile, reinforces this emotion.

The distinct visual language of 32 watts uses simple icons and colours that make information more accessible to the user. This design language is extended into the kits and an easy-to-follow booklet, making the process of dental correction more engaging, personalised and pleasant.