Ahimsa by Rajni Bakshi

Challenging the society to adopt non-violence as a way of life


Social Sector

Foundational Assets

Visual Extensions

A senior Gandhi Peace Fellow at Gateway House and a Mumbai-based author, Rajni Bakshi has a wealth of knowledge on social and political movements in contemporary India. On the 150th birth anniversary of her idol, she presents an argument for the science of non-violence. Through this piece, she puts forth evidence that there is merit in practicing non-violence.


We reinterpreted Mahatma Gandhi’s iconic imagery to create a visual identity. The hand-drawn lines trace the image, concentrically growing to give the feeling of serenity and calm. Using a soft texture for the lines we captured the peace Ahimsa brings, one that emanates from the centre of your being. The lines are placed closer in the middle and towards the periphery, they gradually spread out. This demonstrates how Ahimsa begins from within and radiates outwards, spreading goodness in society.