Bengaluru Fantastic

Channelling the identity of a city into the identity of a tech-art festival


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Logo | Visual Extensions

Bengaluru Fantastic is a three-day tech-art festival produced by Jaaga, an organisation that promotes art and culture. Envisioned as a biennale, the festival is a seamless coming together of the sometimes opposing worlds of tech and art.

The first edition of Bengaluru Fantastic took place in December 2017, with over 25 national and international artists presenting 30 projects, including interactive artworks, performances, and workshops. Every piece on display included a tech component that facilitated interaction and engagement.

As a key partner, we were thrilled to design the identity of Bengaluru Fantastic.

Over the years, with people from around the world making Bengaluru home, the city grew into a cosmopolitan melting pot. Yet, even as it made room for different cultures, aspirations, and dreams, the city retained its own distinct identity.

The logo for the festival drew inspiration from this characteristic of Bengaluru. Created using simple forms, it is adaptable to multiple interpretations and integrations.

We also created a distinct visual language that struck a balance between geometric and organic forms. This was reflected in the billboard designs, posters, brochures, invites, digital collaterals and concept notes for each artwork.