A new player uses design to distinguish itself in a crowded sector


Social Sector

Foundational Assets


Logo & Visual Extensions

ForWater is a collaborative platform that harnesses the power of technology to address the many issues around water management and conservation in India. It brings together the disparate individuals and organizations working in the sector, and acts as a repository of best practices, providing them with easy access to content, data and experts. The aim is to channel collective action to solve India’s water woes.


The name ‘ForWater’ immediately establishes the brand’s area of work. As a simple and straightforward name, it embodies the brand’s values of collaboration, inclusiveness and accessibility.


ForWater’s identity is inspired by the ‘Kalash’ – a sacred water-carrying vessel that is seen as a symbol of abundance and a source of life. The use of the ‘kalash’ represents the brand’s ability to contain an abundance of ideas in a single place. It also emphasizes the brand’s Indian roots while drawing attention to the importance of water in a time of water scarcity.


The identity was extended into a distinct visual language that is seen on the stationery and the website of the brand.