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Madrat Games – the brainchild of 2 young IITians – had over 80 titles in its portfolio, making it quite unsustainable.

We developed a unifying strategic vision for the brand by distilling the magnetic essence of the brand into the idea of ‘Calm Engagement’ for an increasingly hyper-stimulated generation. Besides developing Foundational Assets like company identity and brand vision, this rebranding led to one of the most innovative board game concepts and a new form factor – the roll-up jigsaw. The new range of puzzles packaged under an umbrella design strategy saw a 12X jump in sales over previous versions.

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As is often the case with them, they went beyond what was asked of them and came up with a new insight, a new corollary which was the identification of a third space of play. Cracker & Rush played an important role as an educator and as an interpreter of the brand; they really helped us find our own unique point of view with a lot of genuineness.

Rajat Dhariwal, Co-Founder, Madrat Games