Prison Aid and Action Research (PAAR)

The revival of prison systems in India


Social Sector

Foundational Assets


PAAR is a not-for-profit initiative that works to promote open prisons.
The Founder and promoter of this venture strongly believes in open prisons being the best penitentiary model. As observed by her, specifically in India, traditional prisons are restrictive, non-constructive and abysmally low on hygiene and living conditions.
Instead, open prisons promote life in a fully functional social environment, with the choice of paid work and often accompanied by their families. This reflects the model’s focus on reformation and re-integration instead of punishment.

The identity draws its inspiration from the quintessential pink patang of Rajasthan, the home ground of PAAR.
In the identity, the barbed wires of the prison walls break free into the string of a kite. Here, the kite represents the inherent child-like innocence of every prisoner before entering the dark world of crime. Visually it cues a path to find their way back to a place that’s pure and joyful again.
The logo is rendered in a raw, hand-drawn style retaining the authenticity of purpose and humanistic, grounded approach of PAAR.
Keeping in mind the various stakeholders of the initiative, the logo juxtaposes both the problem and the solution/ the before and after. Being tethered, the kite provides the reassurance of supervision to the public and key stakeholders involved.