Ramaiah Medical College

A leading college sharpens its competitive edge



Foundational Assets


The Ramaiah Medical College (RMC) recently chose to re-examine its communication to more powerfully share its approach to medical education, and to better align itself with the Group’s new identity.

RMC is a college with a rich past. Over 40 years, it has built a name for itself as an institute of repute. Recent infrastructural renovations allow the college to offer students the latest in integrated learning. However, RMC’s uniqueness comes from its human-centred approach to science. Attached to the Ramaiah Medical College Hospital and with a renown community orientation programme it merges the science of medicine with the art of healing. Students of the college thus stand out as ‘Empathetic Experts’ with a strong foundation.

This uniqueness of the institute is extended into the website through pictoral, human-centred visual language.

The website has been designed to cater to varied audiences like prospective students, faculty, funding agencies and patients. The vast wealth of information has been condensed into accessible, easy-to-navigate content.

The visual language of the website draws from the Group identity. The colours and fonts used are characteristic of the Ramaiah Group, but have been given a fresh, new-age treatment to cater to the primary audience of prospective students.