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A close friend of the studio, Renuka Reddy of RedTree Textile Studio is working to revive the lost art of Chintz.

Chintz originated as hand-painted cotton cloth from India. Artisans use bamboo pens and natural dyes on hand spun and hand-woven cloth to bring to life intricate designs inspired by nature.

Although initially made for domestic markets, by the 5th century, Chintz was a common sight in the shops of West and Southeast Asia. By the 17th century, it was found in the homes of affluent families in Europe and the Americas, and was hailed as a mark of luxury. Industrialisation and the mass production of Chintz in the 19th century marked its slow descent into oblivion.

As fans of the arts, we were eager to extend our support to Renuka and bolster her efforts. In creating RedTree’s identity, stationery and collaterals, we adopted a deliberately simple approach using limited design elements. This emphasized the richness and vibrancy of Chintz across all collaterals.

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