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Social Sector

Foundational Assets


Logo & Visual Extensions


Socion is a consulting practice that uses technology to amplify the work of social entrepreneurs.

The name ‘Socion’ was coined to reflect the brand’s commitment to help ideas of social impact achieve population-scale while maintaining purity of intent. The name is a modification of the word ‘Fracton’ (a unit of a fractal structure), and highlights not just the social impact angle of the brand’s work but its medium of operation as well (‘on’ is a reference to the platform social entrepreneurs will be ‘on’).

The typographic logo visually brings to life the expansion of a fractal/idea particle. The repetitive, resonant forms of the letters ‘c’ and ‘o’ act as fractal elements, while the mix of lower and upper cases make the logo more approachable and open.

A distinct visual language that draws from the logo was also created for the brand, and was extended into its stationery and website.