Transform 2019

Recognizing the true face of gender


Social Sector

Foundational Assets

Visual Extensions

Even in a post-Section 377 world, transgender persons continue to face inequality, discrimination and legal hurdles in exercising their fundamental rights. The 3rd International Conference on Transgender Rights and the Law in 2019 was organized by The Centre for Law and Policy Research (CLPR). A two-day international conference, it paid homage to the first anniversary of the Navtej Johar decision. TransForm 2019 focused on going from decriminalisation to the actual realisation of equality and fundamental rights in the everyday life of trans and intersex persons. It brought people together to chart the way forward for the trans and intersex community.

In keeping with last year’s theme – the androgynous representation of Rodin’s Thinker, we took on yet another world famous icon. The Mona Lisa is a symbol of femininity – a portrait of ideal womanhood, as recognized by people across geographies and backgrounds. As design partners, we wanted to look at this representation of gender from the perspective of transgender individuals in India. Through our illustration we unveiled the many faces that truly depict the layers of different genders that make an individual. We stayed away from colours and patterns that reinforced the stereotype. Instead, our design attributed to her the spectrum that gender is. A symbol of femininity, the Mona Lisa smile now spoke of inclusivity, and the continuous interplay between genders. This theme was extended into posters, standees, banners, notepads etc.