Core Concepts

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We are on a mission to help you pin down what is truly magnetic about your work.

Magnetic Essence

Some brands enjoy a force-field which makes people line up outside their stores the night before a new launch, while others, in the same category, spend money on full page ads. Some brands can get people to drive past miles of cookie cutter towers to buy the one with the exposed red-bricks on the outskirts, often at a significant premium. This pull or Magnetism, is what we encourage our clients to aim for.

MAGNETIC brands commit themselves to a BOLD point of view and translate it into a BRILLIANT design language. The boldness of the stand comes from a sense of purpose. The brilliance in design communicates standards. A bold stand communicates commitment. Brilliant design demonstrates competence.

Bold Perspective + Brilliant Design = Magnetic Brand

First Principles

Uniqueness is for everyone

The purpose of branding is to differentiate. Differentiation, taken to its limits, is uniqueness. Each enterprise, big or small, global or local, professionally run or family owned, has an equal opportunity to be unique.

Identity is Strategy

The most enduring strategies are based on a fundamental understanding of the core character of the people incharge of executing it. Resources and external opportunities are subsidiary to the identity of the individuals at the helm.

Magnetism is the secret sauce

In the always-on-media saturated world, advertising can only take you so far. People will gravitate towards brands that demonstrate an exceptional pulling power, rather than intrude them into buying.

Unique perspective creates Magnetism

Brands with a strong and differentiating point of view attract believers, not just buyers. This point of view magnifies everything else the brand does.

Thought Leadership sustains unique perspective

The differentiating perspective guides and informs actions across the board. From talent to design, from choice of CSR to customer value, creative expression of the perspective is the strongest form of brand communication.

Thought Leadership is Brand Leadership

Ultimately, brand building is about being loved, admired and respected. It goes way beyond creating awareness. And brands that are belief-driven always stand a better chance of being seen as leaders.


At Cracker & Rush, we want to be the most sought after providers of brand building services to firms that are looking at renewing their commitment to the future. This focus comes from our view that most clients underestimate the effort required and leave a lot of money on the table, or buy the wrong solution. To this end, we have integrated two core disciplines: Brand Strategy and Identity Design.

We practise our craft with integrity, fairness, rigour and a lightness of touch. We believe that the journey from an idea to an institution is a rare privilege. Organisations that manage this transition tap into something higher and universally human. We want to partner with belief-driven organisations in achieving sustainable differentiation and in being agents of positive social change.