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Strategic Identity

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Brand Strategy

Discovering and defining the organisation’s sustainable differentiator in the context of its market opportunity and the ambition of its leadership. The two central pillars of a brand strategy are its Positioning and Personality which guide every aspect of the brand’s presentation.

Identity Design

The UNIQUENESS of the brand is represented in a concentrated visual form - its Logo. This becomes the central holding idea of the brand that is embedded in all forms of the brand’s expression.

Brand Activation

Good brands are fractal. Every little piece reflects the whole and creates a sharp and deep identity. We work with brands on their OWNED MEDIA to deliver this unified experience.

Brand Training Workshops

The best brands are built from the inside out. Our training workshops are designed to help the organisation understand and internalise the brand strategy and its implications for individual roles.

Situations clients approach us with:

  • Naming and packaging of new offerings
  • Update and revamp of website to reflect new reality
  • Extending a brand into new categories
  • B2B business foraying into B2C space
  • Refreshing the brand in the wake of international competition
  • Positioning and magnifying the brand in a noisy category
  • Premiumization of a trusted but undervalued brand
  • Revitalizing the brand to deal with intensifying competition
  • Organising a portfolio of offerings into a neat, synergistic system of brands that are easy to understand and trust
  • Sharpen and simplify the brand story for better appreciation