Elevate your Brand with

Thought Leadership

with Insights from Bob Buday’s Competing on Thought Leadership

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For marketing professionals, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders.

In the vast sea of brands, standing out requires more than expertise; it demands authority and trust. Your brand’s thought leadership could be the lighthouse guiding clients to your shores.

Join us for an illuminating session that bridges theory and action, inspired by Bob Buday’s Competing on Thought Leadership. This webinar could be the launch pad for your journey toward brand prominence.

Hosted By

Ashutosh Wakankar

Co-Founder & Head, Strategy


What You’ll Gain

Strategic Insight: Understand the framework for identifying and asserting your brand’s unique thought leadership stance.

Content Mastery: Learn how to craft content that resonates, influences, and positions your brand as the go-to authority.

Actionable Plan: Develop a clear, actionable strategy to harness thought leadership for brand elevation and market dominance.

This session is designed for those who believe in their brand’s narrative and impact. Whether you’re a seasoned marketer or an emerging entrepreneur, Competing on Thought Leadership offers a treasure trove of practitioner’s insights to set your brand apart.

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Join us on the journey from expertise to thought leadership and beyond.