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Reap Benefit works on creating awareness and solutions to civic and environmental challenges. Through their work with school children, Reap Benefit has created a range of practical and localised solutions in the area of water, sanitation, waste, and energy.

We captured the philosophy of the brand in the mantra- ‘SOLVE SMALL. DENT BIG.’ It taps into the transformational energy of the young in solving these complex issues and inspires them to apply their creativity in solving everyday problems. The vision is to create a boy scout like movement where youngsters solve problems locally, and Reap Benefit helps magnify the impact for wider adoption.

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The perspective Cracker & Rush added was very useful and it was special because it was very relatable to the founding team, the larger team. What they also did very well was bring focus to our work. From the on-the-ground perspective, it has helped us a lot. Suddenly, our work is more intact, our presentation seems to be more cohesive and sticky. All this came through the findings they got.

Kuldeep Dantewadia
Co-Founder, Reap Benefit