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In a world brimming with potential for positive change, Societal Thinking (formerly Societal Platform) extends an invitation to the social sector, urging them to amplify their impact. It firmly believes that platform thinking has the power to redefine the scaling of social sector work, just as it has revolutionised market-driven sectors. The transformative benefits of platforms, encompassing shared infrastructure, co-created solutions, and network effects, are all around us, waiting to be harnessed.

Testing the Idea and its Adoption

In the early stages, Societal Thinking wanted a deeper understanding in order to effectively communicate the significance and relevance of this approach. Through extensive research, we delved into the complex ambitions of social leaders, uncovering their motivations and the barriers to the widespread adoption of the Societal Thinking approach. With these valuable insights, we distilled a powerful brand message and crafted a new identity that encapsulates the very essence of Societal Thinking’s transformative vision.

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