Ultimate Table Tennis

The new player in the big leagues of Indian sports is ready for the world




Foundational Assets

Logo & Visual Extensions

The Ultimate Table Tennis is India’s next big league for the sport, with an objective to transition from a recreational game to a mainstream game. The organization wishes to establish table-tennis at an international level, starting from the grassroots, all the way up to the championship. Driven to inspire and engage our youth and to raise the level of table-tennis professionals in the country, it’s poised to take the game to the Olympics.


We created a visual identity for the brand inspired by the two defining aspects of the game, speed and agility. The logo frames the magnetic moment just before a forehand top spin, the most dominant and powerful stroke in the game. Using strokes, we capture the trajectory of the ball which, in motion, turns invisible. The 3 lines on the initials bring alive its trifold vision of national reach, international presence and championing the sport. Rendered in red, the logo highlights the the excitement and adrenaline rush within the players and the organization. The design symbolizes the journey they have embarked upon, one towards sporting excellence and team spirit.