Crafting meaningful gifts, supporting rural artisans.




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Aantorik crafts meaningful gifts from the heart, merging artistry with function. Their products, born from the essence of the Bengali word ‘Aantorik,’ challenge the idea that functionality must be dull. Collaborating with rural artisans, particularly the Gond artists of Madhya Pradesh, Aantorik is promoting sustainability and the ‘Make in India’ cause. The pieces, inspired by emotions, strengthen bonds through relatable art. Rooted in relationships, art, culture, and nature, Aantorik offers eco-friendly, purposeful gifts, impacting both artisans and the planet.

Our Approach

Our work with Anuja Bose, the founder, involved understanding the brand’s ethos at the initial stage and translating it into an identity that can adapt as Aantorik expands its offerings.

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