Literature for Inclusive Communities




Belongg is a platform aiming to make global development and tech products more inclusive. It focuses on gender, sexuality, race, caste, religion, and disability inclusion. Belongg was launching an app that brings together insights on feminism, gender & sexuality, race, caste, disability, faith, and even prejudice and bias from leading books and authors through book summaries, interviews and podcasts, and conversations.

Our Approach

This initiative was intended to promote content showcasing less represented groups. In a world marked by identity divisions, inclusive literature opens doors to the experiences, challenges, and happiness of others. It fosters empathetic connections and the inclusion of those unlike ourselves. Diverse literature plays a crucial role in magnifying varied viewpoints, contributing to the construction of a genuinely inclusive society.

Taking this theme forward, we helped the client team distil the concept of the app and define the expectations correctly. We used our time-tested framework to help craft a narrative for the app and a core insight that identified the gap in the market. 

Based on this theme, we suggested the name Unother. A direct name that intends to stop othering traditionally marginalised communities to explore the world of talent and literature that lies unseen and unrecognised. 

The name was further developed into a visual identity. As literature was the backbone of the app, we used the metaphor of a bookmark to bring it to life. A bookmark serves as a marker as well as a reminder, highlighting what is important. In the logo, the bookmark is used to emphasize the ‘un’, reminding us what we are for and about — unlearning, being unbiased and unconventional, and, of course, unothering. 

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