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Our courts bear an overwhelming burden, stifled by the weight of countless cases. But a revolutionary solution has emerged. Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) holds the key to alleviating this pressure, promising a brighter future for our legal system. Not only that, it has the potential to transform our business landscape, ushering in an era of improved conditions and seamless transactions.

In collaboration with Niti Aayog, Agami embarked on a mission to explore the promise and possibilities of ODR. Together, they compiled a report—a testament to its potential and practicality. But this was just the beginning. They sought our expertise to bring this report to life, to make it accessible and captivating for all who delve into its pages.


Drawing inspiration from Agami’s distinctive visual language, we embarked on a journey to design an extended visual system that would breathe life into the report. Our aim was to bridge the gap between complexity and clarity, seamlessly merging the depth of the subject matter with user-friendly accessibility.

Through the power of icons and infographics, we transformed this document into a treasure trove of knowledge that invites exploration. Avoiding all forms of legalese, with our design, the report became an immersive experience, empowering readers to grasp the essence of ODR effortlessly.

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