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Since 2009, CLPR, co-founded by the tireless advocate of transgender rights, Jayna Kothari, has harnessed the power of the law to make things better for the marginalised. CLPR uses research and litigation to improve policies, and making the Constitution work for everyone.

CLPR has been a big part of how the lives of vulnerable groups have changed for the better. However, being a legal organisation, the language was not always easily understood by the people it serves. They came to us for helping explain what they do and why it’s important in a way that will connect with the people they want to help.

Our Approach

When we first started working with CLPR, we held a number of workshops to develop a tone of voice for the brand. Through these lively conversations, we were able to translate their strong sense of purpose into clear, powerful, and easy-to-understand words.

We changed the look and feel of the CLPR website based on the new strategy and persona. We made a unique visual language to help users easily navigate the site, which has a lot of information and uses a lot of resources.

The Centre for Law and Policy Research was established in 2009 to harness the power of the law for the betterment of the marginalised. The non-profit uses research and litigation to positively impact policy, and to make the Constitution work for everyone. CLPR has pioneered truly ground shifting change in the everyday lives of vulnerable groups.

To communicate the great work being done at CLPR, we decided to deep dive into the subject through workshops.


The Cracker and Rush team, led by Ashutosh & Ruhi, spent a lot of time getting to know our work and getting to know us as people, in order to understand our ideology. Their method of speaking to our partners and collaborators was unique, and it was also the first time for us to know what our partners thought about our work. What we value most is the intensity of their work and method in getting to know us – something that very few firms do well. It was a wonderful surprise for us that the way in which they created our identity and our story was so true and accurate. It was something that we could not articulate ourselves, but when we saw how they articulated our values and vision, it was an ‘a-ha!’ moment as to why we had not managed to think of this before! We would highly recommend C&R – they are a great firm and a great team to work with. As a team, they are not only highly talented and creative but really interested in getting to know their clients and their work. The rigour of their work process is unique and clearly makes them stand apart.

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Centre for Law and Policy Research (CLPR)

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