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The Latika Roy Memorial Foundation is a non-profit group in Dehradun that was started by Jo Chopra. Inspired by her own experience with a child who had cerebral palsy, Jo started Latika, a group that helps children with intellectual disabilities in many different ways. Latika runs an assessment center, an early intervention center, a school, and a training college. Families from all over India come to seek help.

Over the years, Latika has been a leader in promoting a new way of thinking about “disability.” Jo and the rest of the enthusiastic team at Latika think it’s important to celebrate differences and uniqueness. They dream of a world where children with disabilities are seen for what they are: children, not “special,” “disabled,” or anything else. They want to live in a world that naturally embraces variety instead of just making room for it.

Our Approach

When we met the purpose-driven team at Latika, we saw right away that the organization was very determined to build a strong brand, which is unusual for an NGO.

We started a detailed study of intellectual impairment from different points of view. With the Latika team and friends, we had deep conversations.

But the most important things we learned were when we went to their center in Dehradun and talked to the kids and their parents. We were struck by how warm, accepting, and united everyone was, without any pity or judgment. There was a feeling of happiness and being at home. 

This was a reflection of Latika’s approach. We realized that even though each of us has different needs, some needs get labeled “special.”

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