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The Dementia India Alliance (DIA) is an alliance of 10 purpose-driven, credible leaders in age care. These founding partners have all demonstrated clinical excellence and compassionate care through their initiatives. They come with in-depth knowledge and experience, having led care in their respective states. They are deeply committed to the cause and have devoted their lives to eliminating difficulties for dementia patients and their caregivers.

The Alliance was looking for a logo that communicated the gravitas of the cause while retaining compassion and intimacy.

Our Approach

Our research indicated a three-fold rise in dementia cases globally and a doubling of cases in India by 2050. What struck us was that while the statistics are huge, the experience of dementia and the loss of independence itself is a lonely journey for the individual and the caregiver(s). With the anticipated numbers, there is an urgent need to make the cause more personal, where each one is aware, and responsible in the fight against loneliness and isolation while connecting families. The alliance is a big step in this direction.

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