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In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, Dr. Reddy’s, one of India’s foremost pharmaceutical companies, decided to unite its patient-centric innovations under a single, powerful initiative. They sought to create an umbrella of care, compassion, and innovation. They came to us seeking a name, visual identity, and guidelines that would capture the essence of this transformative initiative.

Our Approach

We delved into the very heart of Dr. Reddy’s brand, seeking to distil its core values into a single, potent positioning. We came up with ‘Empathetic Engagement’—two words that encapsulated their commitment to put patients at the centre of their innovations.

Naming and Identity

Collaborating with the wonderful minds at Phantom, a boutique ad agency based in Bangalore, we created a sub-brand for this initiative in patient-centric care. We named it Purple Health to capture the essence of vitality, resilience, and well-being that lies at the heart of this initiative.

Through the creation of a captivating logo, creative extensions, and an inspiring brand film, we brought Dr. Reddy’s Purple Health to life. Each element was designed to reflect the deep-rooted empathy and dedication to care that defines this initiative.

A New Era of Compassion

Purple Health envisions a future where care goes beyond the pill, where patients are at the heart of every breakthrough, and where health and humanity blend to create a world of boundless possibilities. Purple Health seeks to reshape the landscape of healthcare and usher in a new era of compassionate innovation.


The process of arriving at what a brand represents, what it says about itself, and how it chooses to do this, is a journey.
And, like any journey, who you travel with often defines whether you’re going to have fun on the ride or be silently praying that your companion slides down a very steep gorge.
Ashutosh is a great guy for these explorations (and from the little that I have interacted with Ruhi, she seems decidedly equal to the task as well).
Ashutosh’s enthusiasm is infectious. His sense of direction, impressive. And best of all, he understands creative people (who tend to speak in short grunts), faster than you can say “monolithic brand architecture.”
We’ve been out there, in the middle of nowhere, on at least two exciting projects:
On Nightingales, it was on his professional recommendation that the brand was able to straddle ‘excellence of hospital care’ with ‘convenience of home,’ and claim, in the process, the leader stance of a home-health specialist.
On Dr. Reddy’s, we needed to create a powerful undercurrent that would carry the organisation’s aspirations of changing the way in which healthcare was being delivered. Here again, it was Ashutosh who linked this purpose to the essential selflesslessness of the Caregiver, resulting in a lovely little film, ‘Inspired by all those who care.

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