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Dunzo, synonymous with convenience in India, approached us during a pivotal and large-scale expansion. As the brand navigated through transformative changes, it sought a way to articulate its identity that would instil a sense of continuity amidst the evolving landscape.

Our Approach

To provide Dunzo with a practical yet inspiring direction, we proposed a Visioning exercise. This exercise would ensure that the brand’s core values serve as a steadfast foundation, while an ambitious goal propels them forward into the future.

Through extensive interviews with a diverse range of stakeholders, we discovered recurring brand impressions. We distilled these insights into concrete themes, ultimately arriving at a cohesive set of values, mission, and vision that would define Dunzo’s purpose and drive their aspirations.

This comprehensive approach will serve as a compass for Dunzo, aligning their actions and decisions with their core principles. With a clear sense of continuity and a bold vision, Dunzo is poised to embrace new horizons and enhance the lives of people across India.

It’s a journey where convenience meets innovation, as Dunzo continues to redefine what is possible in the realm of service and delivery. Dunzo is here to simplify and elevate your everyday experiences. It wants to seize the opportunity to embrace a future where convenience and continuity seamlessly intertwine.


Through our engagement with C&R, the biggest takeaway for Dunzo has been to learn how to incorporate deep reflections and learnings into our ways of working. As a data driven organisation, it was good to be nudged and reminded about the stories behind those data points and this is a challenge that we faced when we began thinking about charting out a purpose and vision. That’s exactly what Ashutosh and Richa from the team facilitated. While the project that we collaborated for was to do with strategic identity and trying to articulate what our larger purpose in the consumer technology space is; through our 6 month long partnership we were guided in articulating our problem statement, the philosophy of why we are doing this and highlighting current blockers within our system that may disallow us to achieve this goal. The C&R team works with ease and breezes through the many stages of interventions and becomes one among us, and that I feel has been key to the success of this collaboration. Personally for me, this has been one of those projects that has brought a lot of joy.

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