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Ekatvam is an initiative born from the visionary minds behind Entrust Family Office. Led by the Entrust Foundation, Ekatvam seeks to weave connections between people and ideas, cultivating a sense of oneness that transcends boundaries. With a focus on harmonising music, contextualising Indian ethics, and uplifting the elderly, Ekatvam evokes unity, compassion, and inspiration.

Our Approach

The essence of Ekatvam is captured in the logo, an artful composition of brush strokes that take the shape of the Gopuri of a temple. Drawing upon the traditional role of temples as community centres, the logo mirrors the role that Ekatvam aims to play as a centre of Vedic knowledge and the melodic wonders of Carnatic music. It also serves as a loving sanctuary for the elderly, embracing them with warmth and reverence.

It symbolises the interconnectedness of all aspects of Ekatvam’s mission. Just as the Gopuri stands as a physical symbol of unity and spirituality, so too does Ekatvam serve as a unifying force, nurturing a deep sense of togetherness and shared values.

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