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In a world where vast wealth holds the unprecedented power to shape destinies, Entrust seeks to be a guide for those with exceptional means. By partnering with individuals of extraordinary wealth, Entrust assists in managing their investments and preserving their legacies—a concept known as the Family Office. Yet, in the early years of its existence, the concept of a Family Office remained an alien idea to many.

As it took its initial steps into the Indian market, Entrust realised the need to differentiate its services from costly and conflict-ridden private wealth management.

Our Approach

Through immersive internal workshops and enlightening conversations with several Ultra High Net Worth Individuals (UHNIs), we distilled the essence of the brand into the powerful ideal of ‘Wise Wealth.’

This magnetic idea serves as a philosophical compass, naturally attracting those who seek clean, cautious, and understated prosperity. Embodying the brand’s thought leadership on wealth, ‘Wise Wealth’ reflects Entrust’s wiser and more enlightened approach to financial success.


Right from our naming, to the look – everything was a question mark and needed to be redone. That is when Cracker & Rush came in and nailed it exactly. Right from the look and feel of the brand, to how we communicate, what our key words are – they are a class apart. A lot of value was added by Cracker & Rush.

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