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The British Asian Trust (BAT) is an international development organization pioneering social finance focused on delivering outcomes and impactful results. BAT, in coalition with other committed organizations, was looking to launch their next outcome-based education fund.

The coalition is working in alignment with the Indian Government’s NIPUN Bharat Mission, which strives to equip every child in India with Foundational Literacy and Numeracy (FLN) skills. This coalition of the private sector and civil society unites educators, technologists, financiers, evaluators, communicators, and legal professionals in their quest to ensure that no child is left behind. Together, they will empower the education system with necessary resources, expertise, and innovative solutions, strengthening it from within.

The initiative needed a name, visual identity, and website that communicates the intention and positions the collective as a catalyst committed to strengthening the education system.

Our Approach

We started with a series of workshops with the key stakeholders from the collective, gathering their perspectives and vision for the fund. These workshops helped us distill the narrative and arrive at the key criteria for naming the initiative.

The fund stands out from other initiatives in its role as a booster, supporting NIPUN Bharat. It needed to cue learning and education at the foundational level. Second, it should reflect an aspirational future state for children, the education system, and society, towards which everyone is working. And thirdly, the name needed to be inclusive, understood by all stakeholders, and showcase our commitment to a more equitable world.

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