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For over a decade, Microsoft Research India’s pursuit of knowledge has gone beyond boundaries and proven that world-class research in computer science thrives within the vibrant landscapes of India.

Our Approach

In a quest to inspire and ignite a passion for research among academia and media across the nation, we crafted a book beyond the confines of conventional narratives. The pages hold metaphorical landscapes, and evoke a sense of awe and wonder, revealing the vast expansiveness and significance of research.

Within these chapters, star researchers are highlighted, guiding us through their groundbreaking contributions to the scientific tapestry. Their stories serve as testaments to the power of curiosity and the spirit of innovation that flourishes within the Indian research community.

The design draws inspiration from the intricate beauty of fractals. Through abstract visuals, we illuminate the multifaceted nature of research, making even the most complex concepts accessible to every curious mind. The words and visuals intertwine, creating a blend of clarity and inspiration, and igniting curiosity within the reader.


Ruhi has been doing a tremendous job with the design and creative work around Microsoft Research India’s branding for the last few years. They have helped us establish a strong visual identity around the brand, keeping a constant look and feel while giving individual events their own identity. We are very happy with the work she has done for us.

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