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The Chopras Group, the pioneer in global education, has been guiding students towards top universities abroad since 1995. With a legacy of over two decades, they have made studying abroad more accessible, empowering countless individuals to embark on life-changing educational journeys. Now, they were ready to once again redefine the future.

Driven by a bold vision, The Chopras set out to disrupt the sector, reinvent themselves, and reimagine a new model of global education. This transformative model would unlock a world of possibilities, combining physical assets, cutting-edge technology, and powerful global partnerships.

Our Approach

Together, we embarked on a journey to distil the core values that defined The Chopras’ legacy and to articulate a renewed purpose and vision for the future; a future where education knows no boundaries, where every student can belong to the world and embrace their role as global citizens.


…we wouldn’t have been where we are today without the phenomenal work you and your team have done since day one. C&R is as much a part of TC Global as any other core team in our company, if not more, and we look forward to a very strong future together. At the end, we are only just getting started, and have a long road ahead of us in which we have the pleasure of having you as a strategic partner!

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