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Postcard is a unique micro-blogging platform for travel discovery. Among a plethora of platforms that help you navigate travel, Postcard helps you get inspired, discover and curate off-the-route moments of wonder.

Expert bloggers can capture and share tiny, personal moments for others to discover. Meanwhile, the prospective travelers can discover off-beat places or experiences, not just monuments and museums, that matter to them.

Our Approach

The identity and website were designed to reflect the sign-off of a personal note or letter, which you might write while sitting in a hidden cafe on a cobbled street while watching the world go by.

Penning down – not just what you see, but what you feel in the moment; a conversation with a stranger, a band in a hidden café or a stunning view at 4 am. It is the act of documenting that very personal experience to preserve and share with someone. The identity depicts the sign-off on a postcard – capturing the conflicting feelings of holding this memory close and sharing it with like-minded people.

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