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In a world driven by the transformative power of education, the M S Ramaiah Group stands tall as the pioneer of trusted, quality education and healthcare. With a journey spanning seven decades, their sprawling 80-acre campus in the heart of the city houses 21 institutions that are committed to shaping the minds of tomorrow. 

However, amidst intensifying competition and a rapidly evolving landscape, the M S Ramaiah Group recognised the need to modernise and revitalise some of their oldest institutions while showcasing their cutting-edge initiatives. Thus, an opportunity for transformation emerged, to reimagine the future and pave the way for a new era of educational brilliance.

Our Approach

We embarked on an immersive and enlightening journey spanning six months. Through 42 interviews and 8 workshops with the internal team, 8 focus groups with prospective students and their parents, and 20 interviews with partners and vendors, we delved deep into their vision, aspirations, and challenges.

We uncovered a deep insight—the M S Ramaiah Group was not just synonymous with legacy and trust; it possessed the power to embrace modernity and progressiveness. While the Group had spearheaded several new-age initiatives, the associations with the name ‘Ramaiah’ were primarily driven by lifestyle rather than expertise and excellence.

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