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Started as a small centre offering Ayurvedic treatment, the Ramaiah Indic Centre had grown in popularity and scale since the renowned Dr GG Gangadharan had taken over. A doctor and professional with multiple skills, he was known to be able to treat chronic conditions receiving blessings from hundreds of patients. 

With the ambition to further grow and communicate the offerings of the centre, we were called in to help position this unique initiative of the Ramaiah Group.


We started with extensive research – speaking to patients of the centre to understand what made it so unique. We found the word ‘restore’ repeated – in different languages and dialects. People were not healed or cured, but their health was restored to them, their vitality, energy and ability to move. 

We distilled the positioning into a two word ideal of True Restoration. It is an idea that communicates the power and authenticity of Ayurveda while being true to science and not relying on age-old beliefs. This combination of bringing science and nature together is what made the centre so unique. 

We renamed the centre ‘Ramaiah Indic Speciality Ayurveda’, giving it the gravitas and removing any codes of a local (and often untrustworthy) centre. We also added the byline ‘Restoration Hospital’ to capture the positioning for one of their main offerings i.e. an in patient hospital offering complete treatment for chronic conditions.

The idea was extended into a soft pastel visual language, intentionally distinct from the traditional greens of the ayurveda world. 


I found the team really brave and straightforward; they stuck to their position once they helped us find our core strength. Any organisation that wants to serve society well or wants to stand apart from the competition, Cracker & Rush can help them do that, and can help them focus on growth.


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