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In a world saturated with “motivational speakers,” RamG’s personality and style needed to be captured in a way that resonates deeply with every individual he encountered.

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Through many meaningful conversations, we delved into the essence of RamG’s remarkable story and distilled it into a two-word ideal that blends courage with compassion. He embodies these paradoxical qualities, leaving all who experience his presence inspired and moved. Amidst the sea of speakers, RamG emerges as an ordinary man on an extraordinary journey, standing out with his authenticity and humanity.


“I started looking for a brand consultant service when I wanted to scale my offerings to the next level. I evaluated half a dozen agencies in my search for the one who could deliver the best results. Cracker and Rush stood out by a mile. What impressed me most was the clarity of thinking and subject matter expertise they brought in in the very first meeting itself. They also seemed completely grounded and willing to work extensively to understand my brand characteristics. After I signed them up for the project, I realised just how right my instincts were. Their research was extensive in understanding the value I provide and that of other competitors. They presented their findings in very lucid and logical terms. And they helped me think through various options that would suit my brand identity, USP, tagline and logo. The design elements were absolutely delightful. The whole work happened seamlessly and was a very invigorating experience. Even after the engagement got over, I approached them many times for additional help and every time I got further help even without paying any additional amount, because they cared for me as a customer.”

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