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In a world where every act of kindness holds the potential for remarkable change, Rohini Nilekani has championed mindful giving. Her passion for philanthropy manifested into countless projects, each one driven by a desire to make a lasting impact on society.

As her philanthropic endeavours expanded, a new vision began to take shape—a vision to consolidate these initiatives under a single banner that would illuminate the path towards a brighter future. Thus, Nilekani Philanthropies was born; a powerful force dedicated to propagating the cause of philanthropy in India and beyond.

Our Approach

To capture the essence of her commitment, we embarked on a journey of understanding. Through deep conversations we delved into the mind of Rohini Nilekani, uncovering the essence of her philanthropic philosophy.


The Cracker and Rush team did an excellent job of understanding and translating my philanthropic philosophy and personal ethos into a compelling design and authentic narrative. The new website is aesthetically pleasing, a pleasure to navigate and has an excellent information architecture. They are able to integrate design and clarity of messaging even around work that is complex. It was a pleasure working with the team on this project.

Founder, Writer, Philanthropist
Rohini Nilekani Philanthropies

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