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In the realm of social entrepreneurship, where technology serves as a catalyst for transformation, a visionary team, ex-Infosys and backed by the Nilekani family, embarked on a mission to amplify the impact of social innovators.


As this newly-formed consulting practice sought its institutional identity, a compelling brand emerged—Socion. Derived from the word “Fracton,” a unit within the intricate tapestry of a fractal structure, Socion embodies the commitment to foster ideas that create profound social change at a population-scale. The name reflects both the brand’s focus on social impact and its commitment towards social entrepreneurs who want to scale.


The Cracker and Rush team, led by Ashutosh and Ruhi, helped us develop the name and brand identity for our venture. They spent a lot of time understanding our vision, our service offering and our desired positioning in the market. They asked relevant questions and really understood and appreciated what we stand for and what we do. We are extremely happy with the choices and the associated narrative that they presented, which helped us in finalizing the brand identity. Cracker and Rush brings a very talented, creative and engaging team to the discussions. We had to get the exercise completed in some aggressive timelines and the team was very cooperative with that approach and delivered on time. We got very positive feedback on our brand identity and this credit goes to C&R! We would highly recommend Cracker and Rush to any prospective customers, who are looking for differentiated branding and marketing efforts for their organization.


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