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Every year, Teach For India (TFI) offers an exclusive 2-year fellowship that serves as a transformative gateway into the education sector. It’s a highly sought-after opportunity that attracts the most talented and passionate individuals, ready to make a significant difference in underserved schools and communities. This fellowship is more than just a job—it’s a personal journey of growth, leadership, and profound transformation.

Our Approach

In our extensive research we had the privilege of engaging with current Fellows and Alumni, listening to their stories, dreams, and aspirations. This deep dive allowed us to discover that while each participant had their own unique motivations for joining the Fellowship, four distinct segments emerged within this universe.

Segmentation and Positioning

These segments have become the driving force behind TFI’s marketing, communications, and campus recruitment efforts. They enable the brand to attract like-minded individuals who are deeply passionate about creating lasting change in the education landscape.

In addition, we distilled the collective desires of these extraordinary individuals into a powerful two-word positioning—an illuminating idea that guides them toward their ideal future.

TFI’s Fellowship continues to be an invitation to join a community of dedicated change-makers who are rewriting the narrative of education in India.

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