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TRI is a well-known leader in rural development. It works closely with government agencies, private companies, and local communities. Their efforts for a better India are focused on the 100,000 poorest towns, which they call “Stranded India.” People who live in these places struggle to make a living because they are on the outside and don’t get much help from the government.

Anish Kumar and Anirban Ghose, who started TRI, had been working in the field for a long time and understood a great deal about it. It had been five years since they started the organization, so they were ready to establish and articulate a clear institutional identity. The task was to find a way to explain their groundbreaking work to the world in a way that didn’t lose any of its depth.

Our Approach

The process started with a comprehensive workshop on brand visioning, which led to in-depth talks with the TRI team. This thorough look helped us understand how complicated the field is, what challenges it faces, and how complex TRI’s work is. It became clear that TRI was working on projects with big impacts that were changing thousands of communities. But all of these initiatives needed to be put together into an overall narrative of change.

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