Ultimate Table Tennis

Pioneering a Renaissance






Visual Extensions




The electrifying world of The Ultimate Table Tennis (UTT), represents a game once enjoyed recreationally transformed into a powerhouse league.

Niraj Bajaj and Vita Dani have embarked on a mission to elevate table tennis to unprecedented heights, from grassroots beginnings to championship triumphs. Their vision extends far beyond national boundaries, aiming to showcase the prowess of Indian players on the grandest stage of all—the Olympics.

Our Approach

To capture the essence of this sport, we crafted a visual identity that pulsates with the energy of speed and the agility of champions. The logo freezes the split-second before a thunderous forehand topspin—the embodiment of dominance and power. We trace the trajectory of the ball as it dances invisibly through the air. The three lines on the initials symbolise the trifold vision of UTT: a nationwide impact, an international presence, and a commitment to championing the sport. Designed in vibrant red, the logo evokes the excitement and adrenaline rush that permeates players and the organisation alike. 

UTT is ushering a revolution in the world of table tennis, where talent ignites, and dreams take flight.

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