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Dr. Kalyani Vallath is a well-known name in the field as a teacher for people who want to take the NET English Literature test. Her impact is huge, and many of her students and followers on sites like Quora look up to her. Dr. Vallath had a big plan: to change how people thought about the arts, especially literature, and to get young people interested in the rewarding careers that are often overlooked in these fields.

Our Approach

We set out on a deep journey, starting with a brand visioning workshop. By talking to VTES students, we got a deeper look into the minds of the target audience and learned about their fears, hopes, and wishes. The brand’s reputation was built on Dr. Vallath’s charismatic teaching style and unmatched knowledge, but we knew that the brand needed to be bigger than just one person.


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Dr Kalyani Vallath
Founder & Managing Director

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