Right from our naming, to the look – everything was a question mark and needed to be redone. That is when Cracker & Rush came in and nailed it exactly. Right from the look and feel of the brand, to how we communicate, what our key words are – they are a class apart. A lot of value was added by Cracker & Rush.

Principal Founder & Managing Director

The thing that has always struck me is, besides being extremely creative, I think, what Cracker & Rush bring to the table is the amount of patience… but also, the willingness to iterate results, recognising all along that it is not a ‘once and done’ kind of approach, but it is ‘let’s look at it, let’s improve on it, and yet again, improve on it.’ It’s a wonderful relationship, it’s a relationship based a lot on trust.

Janalakshmi Financial Services

Crafting the institutional identity

A combination of Brand Strategy and Design

Institutional Identity is the secret sauce to sought-after service brands. It is the crystal clear distillation of the organisation’s point of view, communicated in a creative and consistent manner. It is baked into the organisation and rallies people both outside and within.

Institutional Identity is the foundation upon which sought-after brands are built.