The Cracker and Rush team, led by Ashutosh & Ruhi, spent a lot of time getting to know our work and getting to know us as people, in order to understand our ideology. Their method of speaking to our partners and collaborators was unique, and it was also the first time for us to know what our partners thought about our work. What we value most is the intensity of their work and method in getting to know us – something that very few firms do well. It was a wonderful surprise for us that the way in which they created our identity and our story was so true and accurate. It was something that we could not articulate ourselves, but when we saw how they articulated our values and vision, it was an ‘a-ha!’ moment as to why we had not managed to think of this before! We would highly recommend C&R – they are a great firm and a great team to work with. As a team, they are not only highly talented and creative but really interested in getting to know their clients and their work. The rigour of their work process is unique and clearly makes them stand apart.

Executive Director
Centre for Law and Policy Research (CLPR)

What Cracker & Rush did really well was combining branding, strategic consulting and design all together and helped distil and articulate our purpose, our brand identity and weave it together beautifully. It was a co-creative experience because it’s so rare for someone to get where you are coming from but also help take you where you want to go.


Bringing a new idea to life is a lot harder than it seems. Simply because ideas keep evolving as we open ourselves to a structured framework of thinking. What Cracker and Rush did remarkably well was help us get from having a general sense to a clarifying vision of our venture that was simple but bold, articulate but concise.  They have given us a solid foundation to think about what we want to do and how we should set ourselves up to accomplish it.


Crafting the institutional identity

A combination of Brand Strategy and Design

Institutional Identity is the secret sauce to sought-after service brands. It is the crystal clear distillation of the organisation’s point of view, communicated in a creative and consistent manner. It is baked into the organisation and rallies people both outside and within.

Institutional Identity is the foundation upon which sought-after brands are built.