The process of arriving at what a brand represents, what it says about itself, and how it chooses to do this, is a journey.
And, like any journey, who you travel with often defines whether you’re going to have fun on the ride or be silently praying that your companion slides down a very steep gorge.
Ashutosh is a great guy for these explorations (and from the little that I have interacted with Ruhi, she seems decidedly equal to the task as well).
Ashutosh’s enthusiasm is infectious. His sense of direction, impressive. And best of all, he understands creative people (who tend to speak in short grunts), faster than you can say “monolithic brand architecture.”
We’ve been out there, in the middle of nowhere, on at least two exciting projects:
On Nightingales, it was on his professional recommendation that the brand was able to straddle ‘excellence of hospital care’ with ‘convenience of home,’ and claim, in the process, the leader stance of a home-health specialist.
On Dr. Reddy’s, we needed to create a powerful undercurrent that would carry the organisation’s aspirations of changing the way in which healthcare was being delivered. Here again, it was Ashutosh who linked this purpose to the essential selflesslessness of the Caregiver, resulting in a lovely little film, ‘Inspired by all those who care.

Founder & Chief Creative Officer

Ashutosh and his team started working with us at a critical time – we had acquired a very good brand and we were re-orienting the brand to stand for specialised care and that too in an evolving category. The team spent a lot of time conversing with stakeholders to get insights around value and helped us visualise a persona for our brand and then the identity and logo as well. The foundation has helped us develop various brand assets over the last couple of years. I’ve found it a delight to work with them because they take the time to do the groundwork, work with all internal stakeholders and help develop a point of view.

Co-Founder & CEO

We hired C&R at an early stage of the business launch where everything, including the name, was up for grabs. Both Ashutosh and Ruhi, helped align the ethos of the promoters, the vision, and the mission of company with strategic brand positioning. They provided us with an inspiring narrative for the brand and brought our vision alive through the magnetic essence, all the foundational elements and the name. The following aspects make working with C&R special. Market research-backed process and the depth with which the team understood the business before getting into brand development work. Matching the positioning with the ethos of the company and aligning it with business strategy. Bringing the brand alive through an excellent visual identity that will ensure long-term brand recall.


I found the team really brave and straightforward; they stuck to their position once they helped us find our core strength. Any organisation that wants to serve society well or wants to stand apart from the competition, Cracker & Rush can help them do that, and can help them focus on growth.


I was impressed with their approach to the task and their genuine desire to understand what Fernandez was truly all about. In searching for answers, Ashutosh and his incredible team led us on a journey of introspection and challenged us to think anew. 

C&R scored an ace when they convinced us to change our logo- a decision that demanded “letting go” of the past and taking that leap of faith into the unknown!

The results were brilliant- the logo said it all and brought into sharper focus our commitment of 75 years to mother and newborn healthcare. The website brought in much-needed freshness and vibrancy.

I would recommend them to any organisation- big or small that wishes to tell its story, evaluate its focus and who are not afraid to hear the truth/be challenged. 

You guys rock and you are the best!

Dr Evita Fernandez
Fernandez Foundation

The association has been fruitful in so many ways, right from enabling me to understand how a brand is built to the depth of research they conducted into a relatively unknown field like mental health.
Their deep incisive questions into a domain which is not easy to understand and where one needs to be sensitive was both refreshing and enlightening.
Building a brand is a collaborative effort, and they have epitomised this word on every step of our working relationship.

Anna Chandy
Founder and Therapist
Anna Chandy & Associates

Crafting the institutional identity

A combination of Brand Strategy and Design

Institutional Identity is the secret sauce to sought-after service brands. It is the crystal clear distillation of the organisation’s point of view, communicated in a creative and consistent manner. It is baked into the organisation and rallies people both outside and within.

Institutional Identity is the foundation upon which sought-after brands are built.